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Impraise unleashes the potential of your people. We make easy-to-use performance management 
software for people to accelerate their performance and professional growth.

Smartphones are changing the way we do business. From social media's impact on marketing strategies, to Skypes role in the sales process. But, HR is still lagging behind and employees are beginning to demand feedback and coaching in the moment to help fast-track learning and their careers.

The Benefits of 
Real-time Feedback

After this you will know:

•  The problem with annual performance reviews

•  The benefits of real-time feedback

•  How to introduce real-time feedback to your team

After this you will know:

•  The problem with annual 
    performance reviews

•  The benefits of real-time 

•  How to introduce real-time 
   feedback to your team

All Rights Reserved. Impraise 2018.


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